Why should a contractor use our services?

  • Potential to increase customer base.
  • You can actually see your project money in the escrow all you have to do is complete the milestones. For example, if the job is for $15,000. That'll show up in the escrow account.
  • Potential to Make a lot more money.
  • Also, we know there are customers who don’t actually have the money to pay for the project. Our system will give you more peace of mind because the project money will be in the Escrow account. All you have to do is complete each milestone to get your full payment.

The contractor who hires a sub-contractor has several of our features at their disposal.

How can we help you?

GPS Timecard - You can track where the sub-contractor is during the day. You'll know when he/she clocks in or out for the job.Facetime- The sub-contractor can send a picture or video of the work they've completed for the day.Records- You'll be able to keep a record of the work completed for each contractor.