Why should a Corporation or Government Agency use our services?

If you’re a Corporation (Business), ( Government, County, City or State Agency).
Symbridge can help you facilitate each construction project with greater efficiency.

  • We help build trust between the contractor and client/s
  • Decreases chances of fraudulent activity
  • Greater assurance of job completion on time
  • Increase chances of job completion to your requirements
  • Gives you a greater Peace of Mind about the job
  • Symbridge is Remote which means you don’t have to hire a team of individuals to oversee a project. A user can oversee the project with their phone from anywhere in the world online.
  • Milestone feature which allows the customer to set-up the project into sections. After thecompletion of each section. The customer can safely release a payment to the service provider.
  • 5 Star customer support
  • User-friendly Software
  • Ability to modify the job during the process
  • Innovative Escrow system that safe houses the money for the entire project
  • Symbridge was created because of the widespread fraudulent activity associated with contracting projects. According to the 2016 Kroll Global Fraud Report, 70% of Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure companies have experienced a fraud incident in the past year. We strongly believe thatour services can drastically reduce your chances of fraudulent activity. Register here for free.

What methods are used to commit fraud in governement construction contracts?

Contractors can engage in cross-charging and inflated billing as some defense contractors do.Charge for services not performed.Falsely certifying their compliance with contractual conditions and requirements, or using defective products.At Symbridge we use innovative, user-friendly features to help you identify fraudulent activities such as, Charging for services not perfomed, inflated billilng, and some cross charging activities too.

In addition, if the contractor uses defective products our system would pick up on the issue.