Job postings

There are a vast number of different job variations that are needed by the federal government. As a result, under the job postings area please post any job out of the realm of service providers we have listed. Then communicate with potential service providers and have them register our site under service provider and then they can bid on your posted job/s For example, if you need a Defense Contractor to build Airplanes, Missiles, and Ships etc. Then post the job under "Job Postings" and have the Defense Contractors bid on that job here..

Government Contractor Fraud

At Symbridge we want to provide more accountability on projects that Are important to our national security, military and government infrastructure and American taxpayers who pay for these projects. Unfortunately, a congressional report finds that war planners have wasted as much as 60 billion on contract fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan over a ten-year span. Important Statistics below:

  • Roughly, one dollar for every $3.50 is lost due to fraud calculated just over the last decade.
  • Between $10-$18 billion has disappeared due to fraud which includes contractors ran off with the money.
  • These fraudulent contractors could potentially compromise military missions.
  • A former deputy director of the defense contract audit agency said "between 21 billion and 42 billion of the lost money has gone to incomplete construction and training projects, unnecessary subcontractors, unexplained cost overruns and similar wasteful practices.

Goals at Symbridge

We at Symbridge want to help establish a mutually beneficial bridge between the government/military and their service providers.
Accountability is the foundation to birthing trust, work completed on time, quality of work, and customer satisfaction of the work that's actually completed.

How is Job Accountability Achieved?

Symbridge does this by setting up an escrow account that holds all the money for the project in an area seen by both parties to ensure legitimacy. The escrow account is set up using bricks or milestones. A brick is a section of work completed. For example, broke one might be to remove drywall. After, this break one is completed the service provider receive a partial payment of the total job. This will enable the service provider to show work finished at that moment to the overseer for final approval. Then after the overseer receive the information it's up to them to send a brick one payment to the service provider. It's in a service providers best interest to complete all the bricks so they receive the full payment for the job. A particular project could have eight bricks or more depending on the scope of the project. The number of bricks is between the overseer and the service provider. In addition, within each brick you have a notes section I'll explain what you want completed before it's finished. After the job is completed and all the bricks are finished you can write a review of the project.


Experiences with Milestones

I've use this form of accountability before and it gave me great results. All the work that I needed to be done was completed on time and I met my high standards of quality. Signing up for this form of milestone will not guarantee no fraud will happen to you, but it should weed out and or discourage time wasters and scam artists. In addition, the true hard working service providers might potentially achieve even higher quality of work for you with this form of accountability.

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