The following are a couple examples off Testimonials of people who were scammed from construction Fraud

1. Wanda/ October 7, 2015. A General Contractor Refused To Make Good On The Work He Did On My House.

2. M Hennigan/ September 27, 2016. Cement In Texas. I Was Scammed Out Of $2000. “Even With All The Checks Through Home Advisor I Still Got Taken.” I Paid $2000 Upfront And They Have Never Been Back To Do The Work

3. R50601/ June 16, 2016. I Live In A Condominium Community With An HOA And We Have Been Scammed By A Roofer. They Put On A New Roof For 76 Unit Complex at A Cost Of $300,000 And they Used Recalled Shingles. Now We Have A Roof With Leaks And They Won't Fix It. They Are Just Putting Money In Their Pockets At The Homeowners Expense. We Were Hit By A Tornado And They Are Collecting Another 1.2 Million To Repair The Damage And They Are Covering Up The Cost And The Money Is Being Taken By Others As Payoffs.

4. Out 3500.00/ June 8, 2015. We Hired A Roofing Contractor By The Name Of Larry With AES Roofing And Sioux City, Iowa. He Bid The Job And We Signed The Contract And Gave Him A Check For 3500 For Half The Job To Pay For Materials. He Didn't Deliver The Materials Nor Did He Do Any Of The Work. He Promptly Cashed The Check And Kept The Money. We Took Him And Ace Roofing To Small Claims Court And A Got A Judgment. We Aren't The Only Family He Scammed And Now He Wants To File Bankruptcy. Isn't There Something That Consumers Can Do To Not Allow Him To File Bankruptcy To Get Out Of Paying Back Money That He Stole?

5. Ocean County New Jersey In 2012. Hurricane Sandy Killed At Least 37 People, Cost An Estimated 30 Billion In Economic Losses. In Addition Contractors Under Investigation Have Allegedly Walked Away With Over $5 Million Dollars.

6. Hunter Roberts Construction Group (HRGC) is one of the bigger New York-based construction companies, responsible for famous buildings like BMW of Manhattan, AVON headquarters, and the parking lots for Yankee Stadium. On a job Hunter Roberts inflated the bills by altering labor foremen’s time sheets. This resulted in Hunter Roberts billing customers for work that did not occur.

7. According to thetowntalk.com Pracilla Vinson was scammed out of $100,000 for a new roof, shower and wrap-around porch. She was left homeless with an unfinished house and lost $100,000 from a shady contractor. Dorothy King lost $15,000 trying to create an addition with a contractor that took her money and ran. As of February 2018 investigators were looking into a 100 million dollar construction fraud operation in New York.